Sports & Entertainment organisations

We help high profile organisations to identify, manage and, where appropriate, transfer their risks to the insurance market.

With the experience gained from working closely with these organisations we act as a single, trusted partner, identifying and meeting all of our clients’ insurance needs.

We use a systematic and proven method for identifying and assessing risk and establish appropriate insurance solutions for each of our clients to support their individual long term objectives.

This may include protecting revenue, assets and any potential liabilities faced by the organisation.

Emerging areas of risk

Cyber threats

We have recently rolled out cyber risk training modules to staff of a number of Premier League football clubs to help with their Covid-19 response and business continuity plans, as they faced new exposures with employees working remotely.

Transmission risks during virtual/digitally streamed events

With an increasing commercialisation of digital content and audience engagement, we have supported clients through some of the transmission failure risks by working with insurers to adapt cover accordingly.


Miller have developed a set of solutions to cover the risks faced by tournament organisers, Esports franchises and athletes as their ecosystem has expended and moved into the mainstream Sports & Entertainment sector.


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